Best in Show –  ‘Stop’ by James Studarus 

The act of making a photograph can be performed anywhere, in a studio, on a city street, in a war zone, on a kitchen table. Sometimes the ultimate image is the product of sudden serendipity. Other times it’s the result of amazing effort. Our Best of Show winner knows hard work. He hiked the wilderness of Alaska, Canada, and Iceland for weeks for the chance to paint on the world’s largest canvas: the skies of the Northern Hemisphere. As stunning as this image of the nature made Aurora Borealis is, the man made object is the real show stopper—an inspired choice by the photographer. Beyond just throwing a graphic monkeywrench into the scene, what may the stop sign tell us? Perhaps this: Stop! Do not mess with our planet! – Henry Rasmussen


Thank you to the Santa Barbara Independent for the cover story on my Northern Lights adventures: